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WAGMI United Ltd Takeover of Crawley Town

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For those that are wondering, these are the Crypto people who showed an interest in buying Bradford City but were largely laughed off due to the naivety they demonstrated in how straightforward it would be to copy Brentford's model to get to the Premier League.

There press conference unsurprisingly was littered with 'Crypto Bingo' words and there's already talk of selling Crawley NFT's to there followers who they refer to as traders. Needless to say these 'traders' are closer to the people that stream from there mum's basement as opposed to the oil traders that work out of London offices which kind of takes the gloss off that statement.

The worry in the local area is that these lads see this as a marketing enterprise and not a football club. They want to be the "first Crypto club" and have purchased a club with good transport links that's fairly easy to get too. However Crawley Town as punching above their weight as it is and the ceiling they demonstrated when they were losing significant money was playoffs/top half of league one. What happens if these owners get bored when the reality of owning a football club with less than a 1000 season ticket holders with a ground that's difficult to extend settles in? 

I think theyre underestimating the size of the task ahead of them but as long as Crawley are around in five years then good luck to them.

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