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Sheff Utd Placed Under Transfer Embargo

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American businessman Henry Mauriss has had a £115m bid to buy Sheffield United accepted by the Championship club.

Mauriss previously bid £350m to buy Newcastle United in 2020, before a Saudi Arabian-backed takeover went through the following year.

Prince Abdullah Bin Mosaad Bin Abdulaziz Al Saud owns the Blades after winning a legal case in 2019.

The club are sixth in the Championship, occupying the final play-off spot with three games remaining.

Mauriss, who previously entered a period of exclusivity when trying to buy Newcastle before the deal fell through, confirmed to BBC Sport that the deal would be to buy 100% of Sheffield United Football Club.

Any deal to buy the Blades would be subject to the EFL's owners' and directors' test, but Mauriss' company believes they have demonstrated the financial capability to purchase and sustain the club.

Abdullah, a Saudi prince, won a High Court battle to take control of Sheffield United after their promotion to the Premier League under Chris Wilder.

He had owned 50% of the Blades since 2013 after former shareholder Kevin McCabe searched for fresh investment in the club when they were in League One.

Sheffield United Ltd, the company run by Mr McCabe and his family, eventually made an offer to buy out the prince for £5m.

But the offer also gave the prince's company, UTB LLC, the option to buy Mr McCabe's shareholding at the same price and a counter notice was served in January 2018.



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Adam Crafton has said he'd be very surprised if it completes. There's varying reports of his net worth. The Express reported he would have been the fifth richest owner in The Premier League whilst others are saying his Newcastle bid was held up because he couldn't show proof of funds.

I imagine we will see more American investors coming in to British Football. The availability of Chelsea has seemingly caused a lot of interest in the US Media and more eye balls are scoping opportunity as a result.

Sheffield United are in serious need of a takeover to stop what I imagine will be a slow decline over the next couple of years. The statement earlier this year from the owners may have well said "We don't care what you want, you're not seeing us any more, we've given up".

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  • The title was changed to Sheff Utd Placed Under Transfer Embargo

Shit show off the pitch but all good on the pitch.

Wednesday had an embargo on them in 2017, 2 years later it was lifted for a while then another 2 years went by until there were any consequences, so just need the club to be sold and we’re out the woods. 

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