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Birmingham City Takeover

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It looks like one of The Championship's clubs in biggest need of a take-over will get there wish this summer. Here's some of the developments so far:

- Lee Bowyer confirmed before the final game of the season he had not had any talks with the club owners over a new contract.

- A consortium led by Birmingham City supporter Paul Richardson featuring Christian Codoma and former Argentian International Maxi Lopez have expressed an interest in purchasing the club. Maxi Lopez attended the final game of the season. 

- QPR Manager Mark Warbuton has been rumoured to be the consortium's preferred choice of manager. Mark Warburton has confirmed that QPR will not be renewing his contract but refused to answer questions on the rumours of him managing Birmingham City next season.

- Former Rangers Director Donald Muir is also keen to takeover the club and has the financial backing of Keith Harris. He would also favour Mark Warburton to take over as Manager. His bid is less favourable as he wants to purchase the entire club whilst the current owners wish to retain a share in the club.

- Former Watford owner Laurence Bassini has publicly confirmed he wants to buy the club and has received a loan of £33 million from previous Birmingham City owner David Sullivan to purchase the club. The loan includes an agreement that should Bassini default payments then David Sullivan's firm would immediately take control of the club. A quick Google search on Laurence Bassini's previous dealings suggest he would really struggle to pass the EFL's owner test. 

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48 minutes ago, The Palace Fan said:

Don't think it's ever existed in all honesty. The Wigan fiasco from two years ago pretty much summed up how worthless it truly is.

There's likely a decent list somewhere that shows all the disastrous ownerships that have happened since the EFL owners test was created

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They are almost the forgotten club of the West Midlands. West Brom have had their time as a yo-yo club. Wolves have top halved a few times & been in European competition. Villa are Villa. But the last West Midlands side to win an elite trophy? Birmingham City, the league cup in 2011..

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2 hours ago, Stan said:

Bassini really is a piece of work. 


After the Watford safe story he should have received a lifetime ban from football.

Listening to that clip just demonstrates what @RandoEFCsaid in the Everton thread about it being pot luck with who buys your club. What Birmingham fan is going to feel confident listening to that? They're jumping out a frying pan and in to a fire.

I just hope hes got a film crew following him as this could be an absolute disaster.

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