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Comunio 2022/2023

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New season, new thread! Can a mod/admin pin this and unpin the last season's one please?

Details of the league and basic gameplay, in case someone new wants to join us: 


League name: TF365

I made the league open to the public, so there's no password. 


You have 40m budget. The computer places random players on transfer market every day. You can bid for the ones you are interested in, the highest bid at the end of the day wins and gets that player. You can buy and sell players all throughout the season, as long as you have enough money in your budget. Once the new Bundesliga season starts, players in your lineup will be awarded points for their real life performances (just like in any fantasy game). For each point your players get, you are awarded 10000 credits. I you fail to fill all positions in your lineup before each matchday, you will be penalised 4 points for it (-4 points for each unfilled position). If you have a negative balance before the kickoff of the first match of the matchday, you won't be awarded any points. 


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4 hours ago, Rucksackfranzose said:

I'm quite satisfied with my back four: Anton , Friedrich, Schmid, Trimmel. Also I'm grateful @Michael outbid me on Laimer, since I read yesterday he intends to move to either Bayern or abroad, which limits the points he'll get.:P

I wanted Schmid :(

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1 hour ago, Tommy said:

I've bought Bellingham for 5 Mio and I'm selling him for 11 Mio. Is this the Michael way of business?

You almost had me fooled.  I saw him for sale at 11m and considered bidding until I noticed it wasn't the computer selling him.

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8 minutes ago, Coma said:

Well good.  I didn't want to make the trade anyway.

Tbh, I know better than buying Werder players for any fantasy game... xD 

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1 minute ago, Viva la FCB said:

I mean I noticed buying Orban hes like instantly valued 2 or 3m more. Is that how he does it just constantly buying a selling players? Definitely far too much work for how lazy I am. 

Yes, that's the winning strategy, sadly. And yes, definitely far too much work for me, too xD

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