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Could an ancient treaty place a Doncaster-based club in the Scottish Cup?

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You've heard of the Treaty of Durham from 1136, right? Hmm, maybe not.

Just the 886 years ago, King David I of Scotland and King Stephen of England agreed a peace treaty that resulted in Doncaster, almost 200 miles south of the border, being ceded to Scotland.

Non-league club Doncaster City, who were established just this year, are hoping to use that history quirk to their advantage after applying for a place in next season's Scottish Cup.

"Doncaster's officially never been given back [to England]," Josh Rutherford of the newly-formed club, who play their football in England's 13th tier, told Good Morning Scotland.

"We've explored the option of playing in the Scottish Cup and we've applied to the Scottish FA."

The idea may seem like a gimmick to some, but Rutherford doesn't see the funny side.

Irrespective of any odd ancient treaties, he quite rightly states how both Berwick Rangers (Lowland League) and Tweedmouth Rangers (East of Scotland League) - two clubs geographically based outside Scotland - play north of the border.

Meanwhile, in England, Welsh clubs Swansea City and Cardiff City play their football in the English Championship. The caveat to these examples of course being that these sides already play league football in their respective adopted football homelands.

"I don't see why everybody's laughing," Rutherford added. "We've had a few murmurs within the SFA that they like the idea, but people liking it isn't enough - we need some confirmation hopefully.

"We're not allowed to play in the English FA Cup as it only starts at a certain level. We want to play as high as possible. We're very ambitious."

BBC Scotland has asked the Scottish FA for comment.



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20 minutes ago, Devil-Dick Willie said:

It's all the same fucking country anyway.

Yeah but when you say that they get very upset, especially the English as they are the most sensitive about it for some reason.

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3 hours ago, Devil-Dick Willie said:

It's all the same fucking country anyway.

Should form a new league, the premier premierleague and you must have 5 clubs each from England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland. Revolutionary idea.

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