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Last Man Standing - World Cup 2022 Edition!

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Tagging everyone taking part in this season's Last Man Standing League. Everyone else is welcome too, of course!

@nudge @Dan @Michael @Beelzebub @Redcanuck @Whiskey @Stan @DeadLinesman @The Liquidator @Viva la FCB @Tommy @RandoEFC @Rick @Rucksackfranzose @N U F C @Pyfish @CaaC (John) @Storts @Bluewolf @Lucas @...Dan @6666

The rules here are largely the same as any Last Man Standing competition. You pick a team you think will win from each set of fixtures and if they manage it, you progress, otherwise, you're out, and you may not back the same team more than once throughout the tournament. There will be some sort of tie breaker for the final round if necessary.

There is one major difference to previous knockout formats. If you get to the Semi-Finals of the World Cup, for instance, and you have already used all four remaining teams to get that far, you are eliminated. Bear this in mind when making your early picks! Will you take the safer routes in the early rounds, or will you plan several games in advance and try to hold back a winner all the way to the World Cup Final?


Preview - Gameweek One

Below is the opening set of fixtures, starting on Sunday.

Qatar vs Ecuador

England vs Iran

Senegal vs Netherlands

United States vs Wales

Argentina vs Saudi Arabia

Denmark vs Tunisia

Mexico vs Poland

France vs Australia

Morocco vs Croatia

Germany vs Japan

Spain vs Costa Rica

Belgium vs Canada

Switzerland vs Cameroon

Uruguay vs Korea Republic

Portugal vs Ghana

Brazil vs Serbia

My pick for Gameweek One is Argentina. Good luck!

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Another bump before the first game starts. Remember you can enter with a pick after the first games have been and gone, you'll just be choosing from a smaller pool of fixtures. Deadline is the end of the first set of games.

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On 16/11/2022 at 14:31, RandoEFC said:

Switzerland vs Cameroon

Uruguay vs Korea Republic

Portugal vs Ghana

Brazil vs Serbia

Still chance to enter Round 1 with these fixtures remaining to choose from - last chance though!

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Work has been insane this week so sorry about the not proper update but the following people have survived the first round:

@Beelzebub @Viva la FCB @6666 @N U F C @Redcanuck @Dan @DeadLinesman @Machado @...Dan @Michael @Storts

The fixtures this time around:

Wales - Iran

Qatar - Senegal

Netherlands - Ecuador

England - USA

Tunisia - Australia

Poland - Saudi Arabia

France - Denmark

Argentina - Mexico

Japan - Costa Rica

Belgium - Morocco

Croatia - Canada

Spain - Germany

Cameroon - Serbia 

South Korea - Ghana

Brazil - Switzerland

Portugal - Uruguay

Good luck and remember not to pick the same team again!

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