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1 minute ago, Happy Blue said:

We are in division fucking 2 :tumbleweed: ..at least Keith's the manager :hh: ..I dont know any of the other cunts though :35_thinking: ..im going to have to dust my fifa 20 game off lol

The keeper is decent. My best mate's brother :D 

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I have mentioned it before, but I know you've been busy, but can we add National Team Logos? These are the ones I think might be used...





















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4 hours ago, CaaC (John) said:

Welcome to TF365 @Ozzy0zz, I hope you enjoy your time in here, you should tell us a little bit about yourself, if you want, keep posting.

Lol, how much do you want to know? My name is Austin. Born in Nairobi. I started supporting Arsenal I think in 1997 because my uncles around me supported Arsenal. I was 8. Then I started watching the actual games, I remember watching Arsenal vs Utd, Giggs scored his goal in the FA Cup and I immediately told my uncles I am changing to Utd. I've supported Utd since I was 8, my uncles have not liked me since lol. But that's my team. Always has been. Put the ball in the net!

I have a soft spot for Leeds because they are passionate.

And I still respect Arsenal. 

Nairobi City Stars started as World Hope FC, which actually came from Kawangware FC...this was all in the very early 2000s. That's the area I was born and raised in..so that's my "team".. though I don't follow them on a day to day basis. But if I'm representing the local team, that's the team I represent. Or rather, they represent me.

If Kenya even makes a world cup I would cry. 

I support all African teams in the world cup. 

As for "real teams" I give England the nod.

But all I want to see is an African team win the world cup. That's all.


What else is there to know?

In rugby I support the Harlequins.. that's where I used to train at as a boy.

My mom is from Seattle so I'm a Sonics fan. Seahawks fan. I went to WSU so that's my 2nd sports muse..go cougs! Not so much into baseball. Basketball is my favorite sport to play of all time though. 

What else is there to know?

I'm a Guard doing security things in Hawaii right now but have worked all over the world at this point.

Studied philosophy at WSU like a decade ago lol.

Might decide to become a lawyer one day but security work does me just fine.

About my self..? Not sure if I understand the extent of the question..

I love sports obviously.

I'm male? Christian? 6ft tall? 






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1 hour ago, Ozzy0zz said:

Lol, how much do you want to know?

Lol, what an introduction that has to be the best one I have read in here for a while xD

You seem to have a mixture of everything in your genes, Nigerian and your mother is American, SAY HELLO @Tommy, I think you will get on well in here and a United man, keep posting Ozzy, my nickname I was given in the army was Aussie as Australia is where I grew up.

As I said, keep posting buddy another excellent refreshing read that woke me up and once again, Keep posting.:banana:

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