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Group D - R3 - Australia 1-0 Denmark - Wednesday 30th November, 2022

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1 minute ago, Spike said:


I could kiss you ❤️

Let's make it happen.


TBH no one expected much from this side, but there IS a spirit, a fight, and no sane person could deny it after tonight's performance. Denmark lacked a cutting edge essentially the whole tournament, but that's not our fault. We played to our strengths, and it is an incredible achievement. 

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I did think this could potentially be a bad matchup for Denmark. They lack the attacking firepower and they rely on the type of attacks that Australia are built to absorb. Congratulations to Australia though, got to be one of the least recognisable squads they've ever had and they've become the story of the tournament. Quite fitting given they should be hosting it.

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4 hours ago, Toinho said:

Just a constant negative cunt. Jesus christ. Proved wrong again tonight lollll

Proved wrong about what? 



Don't rate Australia or Japans chances? Germany are too prone to picking shit teams with Sule at RB and no striker for me to be confident, and Australia are one pretty mild upset away.

That's me responding to 6666 saying no asian team would make the next round. 

I don't think any kind of 'magical spirit' had anything to do with it. Australia never get comeback wins, they rarely upset teams at the world cup (4 wins in 5 WCs and 2 of them were mildly surprising, Serbia and Denmark)

Good on them for going through. 

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Another determined and admirable performance from Australia. They really battle so hard and get rewarded for their intelligent play going forward. Leckie's goal, what can we say? He took his chance beautifully and Australia deservedly defeated Denmark. Australia amazingly qualify for the next round, when some people on here were writing off their chances before their qualifying play-off match against Peru. The Aussies are playing excellently as a team unit and battling for every ball when they play. I don't think that the Aussie fans can expect any more from them, they've been excellent.

Denmark have really been the disappointment at this World Cup. I really expected more from them, given their excellent performances at the Euros in the summer of 2021. Their form this year, coming into this World Cup was excellent as well. But despite the very talented players that they have, I think it is very obvious, that they are missing that top class striker who is able to put the ball in the net on a consistent basis. For all the impressive creative players that Denmark have, they need a classy striker who is able to put the ball in the net and finish off the chances. It's personally sad to see Denmark bow out, but really, they only have themselves to blame. Drawing with Tunisia and losing to Australia are not results that they would have expected.

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