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Teddy Sheringham Takes Charge Of Atletico de Kolkata

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On 22/07/2017 at 5:33 PM, Cannabis said:

With the money he's probably going to earn can you blame him? India is the biggest laughing stock when it comes to contracts, absolutely massive wages for working for a few months at a time. 

for cricket, yes. Surely for football though that's China?!

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8 minutes ago, Cannabis said:

India is worse for me because of how long their season is, they run it from November to April so you could quite literally put in a season in India, make a few million and then return back to England to see out the season. It's pathetic.

the standard is shit though so they have to entice them in somehow. 

China runs from March to November. 

MLS runs from March to October. 

Australia runs from October to May. 

Maybe I'm missing something but what's the difference between a player doing what you describe in India and returning to England as opposed to doing that in the leagues above, especially in China where you could make more than India...?

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This Indian league is ridiculous. They can't attract too many big names to the country so end up targeting decent lower league (League One level) players and pay them inordinate sums for four or five months work. I don't blame anyone for it, especially blokes who've plied their trades at places like Mansfield Town and Oldham Athletic, who could set themselves up long term off the back of one Indian contract.

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