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Other PL Round 24 Fixtures - Saturday 18th February, 2023

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6 hours ago, RandoEFC said:

Vieira or Potter?

I dont think the criticism to him is warranted on the cesspit app. He's sacrificied his style of play to be more pragmatic during this awful run of fixtures, and we have picked up more draws than i anticipated. I think what frustrates most fans is that this season felt like a real good opportunity to move to 'the next level' after the way we finished last season and due to a lack of recruitment we've gone backwards.

That split second at the end changed everything. Before the game we would have taken a score draw. Then a split second of madness, you realise all the bottom three win and suddenly four draws against Man United, Newcastle, Brighton and Brentford isn't good enough.

I think we will be fine as we don't concede a huge number of goals but we're not out of this. It feels like we've been 12th forever now and that we've been waiting for the other teams to catch us up.

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16 hours ago, Tommy said:

Mindblowing the they really sacked Tuchel.

I think when we sacked him is what's mind-blowing about it. (To sign all his players then to just get rid of him).

Was always going to be a clash of heads between Tuchel & Vivell. Former wants ready made established players, latter wants younger players that can be developed in the hope it makes the club more sustainable. 

As far as sacking Potter and his enormous pay out, reading ownership may do what they did with DiMatteo and put him on gardening leave until he finds a new job. 

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