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How Far Will Arsenal Go In The Europa League?

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So for the first time since 95/96, Arsenal finished outside the top 4. And as a result, for the first time since 97/98, haven't qualified for the Champions League. 

They'll be playing in the Europa League (then UEFA Cup) for the first time since 1999/2000. How will they cope after being used to so much Champions League football? Will the move to playing Thursday/Sundays affect them and if so, how much?

I expect them to get out of the group stage, and if they were to do well, their biggest challengers could be the likes of VIllarreal, Sociedad, Bilbao, Milan, PSV. And that's not to mention if they get far enough, they'll face some 3rd-placed teams from the Champions League - so potentially even teams like Spurs or Liverpool (that's not meant to be a dig!) or maybe even the likes of Roma, Porto, Shakhtar, Benfica etc.

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It'll go the same way with most English teams in the Europa League. Mainly fringe players in the group stage and then more regulars as things start to get more exciting. How far that gets us will depend on who from the Champions' League gets relegated into the competition midway through. If we win it then good, if we don't then meh.

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I think Arsenal should look at this in the same way Manchester United looked at the Europa League last season and aim to put all their eggs in that basket. Realistically, they won't win the Premier League and even a place in the top four isn't assured anymore with Manchester City, Chelsea, Tottenham, United and Liverpool vying for the top four alongside Arsenal.

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Arsenal will get through their group of OGC Nice, FC Kobenhavn and Astana. They will then beat SC Braga in the round of 32, but in a horrific twist that saw an upset in the Champions League as Atletico Madrid and Tottenham had an outstanding campaign in the groups, Bayern Munich came 3rd and ended up running into Arsenal in the last 16, beating the Gunners 14-1 on aggregate before going on to lift the trophy.

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