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22 minutes ago, Tommy said:

I mean this is one of the least crazy things he said in recent times. 

true, but it's part of him going off the rails.  it's petty and I highly doubt the FIA will overturn a result as it would open the flood gates to championships by courtroom results.   


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2 minutes ago, Tommy said:

He's 173cm. Probably looks even smaller because Paul Ripke is quite tall. 

Ive never really seen him outside a car,  or seen him relative to other drivers which never created perspective.

173cm is rated above average for male height so it may just been the disparity in height here.   

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10 minutes ago, Panflute said:

F1 drivers on average are quite small. You just don't notice it when they are standing next to each other.

Except for guys like Russell, Ocon and Albon who are all around 1,85m. 

And then there's Yuki. xD


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