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(CL) Group A - Matchday 1 - Wednesday 20th September, 2023

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I really hope this is an arse beating that it could be, but I fear that Utd will get their act together a little for this. Still expect them to lose, but I don’t think it’ll be a cricket score. 


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Kind of a crazy finish but the match looked mostly under control despite the flattering scoreline really. Still have some defensive issues which need sorting out, couple of flurries and bounces and we couldnt clear shit out of our end both ended in goals. 

I hope Sane keeps up this form, hes unplayable at the moment. Hes done this in the past but hes always had ebbs and flows, hopefully thats not the case anymore but we'll see. Musiala continues to remind me just how special he is, on the ball and in tight space hes just so, so good let alone for his age. Tel keeps making a case to start some matches, hes off and running this season already, being the super sub and looking like hes made the step up already at only 18. 

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