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Portland Timbers Make a 5 Year Old's Dream Come True

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Derrick Téllez signs for one game for Portland Timbers


I was sifting through the evening football news when I got back from watching the Celta v Getafe game with some friends in a bar when I came across this story in one of the Spanish sports websites (MundoDeportivo).  It almost brought a tear to my eye because I (and I'm sure most of you) know how children feel when they really love something.  More so when it's a sport and they have a big tendency to idolise certain things and individuals.

So my immediate thought was to place myself in a backtrack of feeling like I did back as early as possible in my life coupled with looking at my sleeping son's face who's only 1 year and 7 months old.  The sentiments run through you and there are times in life when a certain something that's so powerful takes over every cell in your body and you lose control.

Anyway...  I'll tell the brief story for those that haven't already heard or read about it.

Derrick Téllez is 5 years old and is battling against cancer.  He's got a brain tumour and nobody knows what the future holds...  He's a massive Portland Timbers fan and through a particular movement in the US called ‘Make-A-Wish ® Oregon’ he wished to be able to one day play for the football club he adores and is fanatical about.

Well Portland Timbers answered the child's dream wish straight away and without hesitation!  Infact they went one better than the usual of inviting kids in situations such as these where they get to meet their idols, go to a match etc... etc...  No!  Portland Timbers went all out and signed Derrick Téllez!  Obviously they didn't really sign him but they made every single move as it's done in Europe, in any big league in the world and announced it, put it in the Oregon papers, radio and tv channels.  They even held a press conference announcing the "signing" and this isn't kidding!  They're actually going to play the kid!

Derrick Téllez will play in the match between Portland Timbers versus Orlando City FC on Sunday the 24th of September.  He's a goalkeeper and that's the position he'll be playing... Obviously he's part of the team now and belongs to the club so he has to train which he will be doing first thing tomorrow morning on Friday.  So on Sunday, Derrick will live an authentic child's dream, most football fan's dream no matter what the age.

There are times in life where I love human beings!  Not many times, but at times they surprise me and things like this happen.  He deserves to be news worthy, he deserves this and much much more!  All children do.


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