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Pochettino Would Like To Manage England One Day

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It is all about being brave. I love that word in English. We must display bravery at all times and, since mental preparation is crucial nowadays, we send daily messages to this effect in different formats and packaging.

I told the squad all that and then restated it differently by reminding them about when England played Spain in Alicante in November 2015. It was 0–0 at half-time, but 2–0 to Spain at the final whistle.

The England internationals returned home happy, reckoning they’d given a good account of themselves in the first half.

I told them: ‘Excuse me, but I disagree, because at no point did you seek to take the initiative or be brave. Truth be told, it was clear right from the warm-up that Spain were going to win. The only question was whether they’d score in the first minute or the 90th, but the match was a foregone conclusion. Football is all about attitude.’


If I were to be an international manager one day, I’d relish the opportunity to coach the England national team.

I’ve heard that I’ve been considered for the job before, but I don’t know if there was any truth in it.

I’d be reunited with loads of familiar faces: Harry Kane, Danny Rose, Dele Alli, Eric Dier, Adam Lallana.

Of the last 21 England debutants, 17 have played under me — there’s also the likes of Rickie Lambert, Jay Rodriguez, Calum Chambers, Nathaniel Clyne, Luke Shaw and Ryan Mason. 

In the last four-and-a-half seasons, 11 regulars in the England squad made their international debuts under my stewardship. I remember [while at Southampton] once telling Adam Lallana how taken aback I was when I first witnessed the mentality of English players up-close — their enthusiasm in training, the sparks that fly in 50-50 challenges. 

Lallana himself was once so angry with a decision during a training match that he blew his top and swore at [coach] Miki D’Agostino, (who was serving as the referee, as he often does).

He subsequently apologised, but I thought to myself, ‘I want guys like that in my team.’

The English are brave, honest and aggressive, and the good ones want to add to their game.



Yes please. Finally someone with brains who not only recognises the mentality problem but has a proven track record of dealing with it.

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4 minutes ago, Stan said:

before another club bigger than Spurs or another nation picks him up. 

Real Madrid have him tapped up according to various sources in Spain (since a year back).

Barcelona tried to sign him in the summer even though both the club and himself denied it but it's known that due to his Espanyol background he could never go there.

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2 minutes ago, Cannabis said:

If the points gap between Real and Barca becomes too great he will no doubt replace ZZ.

Perez isn't known for his loyalty and Mauricio would surely relish the chance to manage a big club in a country he knows well.


There's been mentions of meetings that they both had in LA during the summer amongst other conversations...  As far as I'm concerned (this is a personal opinion of mine) it doesn't matter if Zidane does something or not this season...  His time has a limit at the Santiago Bernabéu and I expect a revolution next summer.  Remember Real Madrid hardly spent a cent this summer and the rumours are many things are going to change in World Cup year.

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It's a very different ball game to club management but he'd be streets ahead of anything we've had in years. Pochettino has brought excellent form from English players at club level so frequently. Kane, Alli, Walker, Rose, Dier, Lallana, Ward-Prowse, Lambert, Shaw, I'm pretty sure there's others at Southampton I've missed.

A coach with a plan and someone who has worked with a lot of them before. Couldn't give a toss he's Argentine. It's a miracle that someone as good as him would manage England at the minute.

Get him in.

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He'd be absolutely off his head to leave club football at this point...  He can walk into any of the high profile jobs anywhere and he doesn't need the strife of periodical football at this time in his career.  Put it this way...  Hypothetically speaking if he were to take the Real Madrid job next summer, he'd be sacked in three years no matter what he's achieved there as long as Florentino Pérez is presiding over the club.  From that moment there's no bigger job in club football and he could then take it on as he'd have made his mark and no matter what happens with England, his name will have been made internationally and recognised.  He could leave England and continue to take massive club jobs.

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