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Matchday 3 (Group D) - Wednesday 18th October, 2017

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2 minutes ago, SirBalon said:

Of course it has...  They can drop point while Barça can add points.  B|

i know xD 

the way you phrased your first comment was that Juve's form has a direct cause on Barca being able to win or not

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Pique red card. Had already been booked earlier on and is adjudged to have handled the ball on the line to push it in. Definite second yellow based on replays. Silly and stupid.

The camera pans to 2 Asian fans who are jumping for joy and smiling like crazy. Yet they're wearing Barcelona tops. Fucking hell the absolute melts. 

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3 minutes ago, Cannabis said:

The Barcelona Asian fans celebrating as Pique gets sent off should have their passports confiscated. Also, the commentators are talking pure shite, slating Pique for handball when he's a yard out and the goal is wide open. What the fuck is he supposed to do?! English punditry on its arse again.

it was pretty stupid from Pique though xD

He nudged his arm towards the ball to get it over the line. 

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2 minutes ago, Cannabis said:

Are you telling me that with an open goal and standing a yard from the line you wouldn't do the same? Anyone who says they wouldn't obviously hasn't played competitive football. 

I'm not defending the decision, it's a yellow card but anyone that bashed Pique for what he has done doesn't understand competitive sport.

but if you do it, you risk getting booked and sent off?

Not sure what you're saying - you'd have done it but you don't defend the decision? That doesn't make sense to me. 

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Just now, Cannabis said:

Saw the first half but I'm missing the second as I'm at football, how's the game @SirBalon? Radio says it's still 1-0...

Barcelona have been all over Olympiakos and it's only been crap finishing why this isn't going towards a cricket score...

But Lucas Digne scores now to make it 3-0 with 10 men after magic from Messi.

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Just now, Cannabis said:

Top stuff, thanks mate! Good to see Digne on the score sheet who as he seems to have fallen into the Camp Nou abyss since arriving from France.

Yeah...  Alba got injured in training yesterday and now it's Digne who's taken the mantel.  Looks like the three points are safe now and qualification. B|

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Wonderful footballing performance from Barça and even with 10 men they looked like they were up for scoring goals.  Only crap finishing stopped this from being ridiculous and then came the consolation goal from Nikolaou which was a wonderful headed goal to give a final score of 3-1.  Juventus won in the final minutes against Sporting Lisbon, but right now Barcelona look to be in total control of this group.  Oh....  Messi scored his 100th goal in Europe.

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9 hours ago, SirBalon said:

Yep!  97 in Champions League...  Was listening to the commentator saying in Europe and I automatically thought that meant Champions League.

Ronaldo has over 100, another reason why he is better :ph34r:

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