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Best Club Twitter Accounts

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I think the title is a bit self explanatory. Which Official Club account gives you the most laughs?

Here in South America the best is probably Union Huaral's. It was a classic when they announced that they are out of the race to sign Cristiano Ronaldo due to too many quality players in their position, as well as when they did a poll about who has the most fans in the world and they won it.



In Europe, the best are the German English accounts. They love a bit of banter! I also love Bologna's english account although I'm not sure if they are the same as they were last year. I haven't checked, it used to be a brilliant account.

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Dortmund and Bayern's English one can be mildly amusing sometimes. 

One thing I've hated though is the 'pre-planned' celebrations for when a team scores. Seen a lot of clubs do the below and it's cringe-worthy as fuck




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