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Who Will Win the 2018 World Cup

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We have 31 teams of 32 qualified, the last 2 are Peru or New Zealand. Neither will win the World Cup, so why don't we begin discussing the favourites?

Germany are the favourites for me. I think they have a very good shot at retaining their title. If they half arse it against a bigger team, they will lose but I feel only then they will. They are going to make a lot of changes compared to the last world cup and will have a mixed age which I think is a perfect combination. Players like Sané, Werner, Goretzka and then the past generation like Neuer, Hummels and Kroos.

Spain are most people's favourites but I have a funny feeling they won't get very far. I definitely think they'll pass their group this time but I still see them as somewhat of underachievers. 2010 for me was a one off, and 2014 they were brought back to their reality. Of course on paper they can always prove me wrong. They have ridiculous levels of depth.

Brazil should they keep their peak form will get far and are a top side but I see some pessimism and I think they won't play as well as they did in the qualifiers. I don't quite think they'll do an Argentina 2002 but I don't think they'll win it although still one of my main picks. 3rd or 4th.

Argentina are my second favourites. Sampaoli is a very good manager and I think they'll click. Of course, the tournament is still far away and opinions can and probably will change. I think Higuain will be back by this time around.

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1 minute ago, Kitchen Sales said:

Honolulu or whoever it is that qualified ahead of the USA :ph34r:

Bobby Wood should have chose to play for Hawaii!

... oh wait :ph34r:

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If France dont win this then that would be an embarrassment IMO. They are stacked with great players in every position but it all depends on how their manager sets them up. Dont think Germany will retain the title despite them being strong I have a feeling they will lose in the knockouts for sure. 

Spain is the second best contender for me

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6 minutes ago, Teso dos Bichos said:

I'm willing to bet the right to name my first son if Argentina wins it. They lack leadership big time.(coach and best player)

You have to name them Brian if Argentina win it. 

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