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2017 Post of the year Poll

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Post of the Year 2017  

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  1. 1. What was the best post of 2017 from these gems as selected by the community?

    • Tanksie eating cremated human remains
    • The Palace Fan ripping Dwight Yorke a new one
    • Tsubasa becoming manager of Fortuna

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Tough decision :D

Tanksie's is hilarious but probably not for the right reasons and I think you can see from the amount of rep Palace Fan got for the Dwight Yorke joke just how good that was, so that shades it for me.

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13 minutes ago, Tanksie said:

What I am saying, is that for them to be comparable the palace fan whould have had to say that to yorks face. Anyone can talk smack on the net.

Which is as far as we know what you did 

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