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Welcome to Talk Football 365!

You can keep up to date with all of our activity by heading over to our Facebook page.

We would also appreciate it if you had a quick look over our forum guidelines as we like to have a relaxed environment and keeping to those will help. We'd also appreciate it if you could let us now where you found us.

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Enjoy your stay!

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Just now, Cannabis said:

Porto's badge isn't in the system yet and I think it defaults to the first team on the list which is Arsenal.

I know he's not a fan, it was just an excuse to get the 10 to gag out without having to lower myself to the level of actual conversation with a gooner

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2 hours ago, SirBalon said:

Bemvindo amigo. ;)

Obrigado, companheiro. ;)

2 hours ago, HoneyNUFC said:

Do we know you?:ph34r:

Don't think so. I saw this nick on another forum and I nicked it. So I guess I'm not your original ASF. :ph34r:


1 hour ago, Batard said:

Andre, mafia wars then? 

Count me in maestro.

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13 hours ago, Machado said:

Estava a ver que não, André xD

Como vão as coisas? Busy as always huh?

Deves andar todo contente com o teu Porto...

Very busy mate. Got time for nothing during the week, except work and spending time with the missus at night.

Nem por isso. Aquela vergonha contra a Juventus matou o meu interesse nesta temporada.

7 hours ago, DeadLinesman said:

Guess who's back. Back again.

Glad to see you're finally posting again.

7 hours ago, Jay said:

Good to hear from you again, Andre. :D  Long time no speak!

-The artist formerly known as J_746.

J! Long time indeed. I hope life has been good to you, mate. 

5 hours ago, StanLCFC said:

Welcome, ASF.

Can you confirm if you've built a new room in your house for a TF365 timeline please?

I can confirm that the construction of a new facility is on it's way.

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13 hours ago, Berserker said:

How dare you Jorge welcome back fat Andre and not me! :o

Sorry Blakito, I got mad when Barcelona won against PSG by cheating and forgot to welcome you, you know who you can blame now! By the way, did you make that face similar to Maradona's celebration when you saw that I didn't welcome you? :(


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