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Bundesliga 2017/18 - Matchday 13

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Not sure how to comment on this weekend's games!  We both appear to be in a false position - 04 too high and BVB out of sorts.  I will be watching the game on French TV on Saturday knowing that whatever the result my Fantasy Team will suffer as I have three guys from each side in there (4 if Leon is fit).  With a bit of luck the Munchkins will come unstuck as Gladbach are going well so the gap at the top may narrow!  All we now need is for the new found belief in Nudge's little green men to flourish and RBL could also go down.  Those little piggies are really flying this week!     :coffee:or:hh: (guess which Tsubasa prefers!)

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I have a little Frenchman screamin 'incroyable' every minute in my ear.  Naldo goal, Naldo offside, Fahrman messing about gives ball to AQube - Abe has an open goal Fahrman fingers it behind =- incroyable  Probably Aube was supended last week for turning up with that weird haircut!

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