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Brighton Made A £40m Loss In The Championship

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Putting this here instead of the Premier League as it is one for the Championship.

Do you consider Brighton to have "bought" promotion, or is it just fair enough to speculate to accumulate?



Brighton and Hove Albion's losses increased by £13.1m in the season they were promoted to the Premier League.

Losses rose from £25.8m to £38.9m in 2016-17 - including an additional £7.7m investment in the club's playing squad and "other football costs".

However, chairman Tony Bloom says securing a place in the top flight has boosted the club's turnover by around £100m for the current campaign.

"The finances of the club were changed virtually overnight," said Bloom.

"What is important is that all investments are made sensibly and very much with the club's long-term future at heart.

"As such, we have a clear financial structure that we work very hard to maintain with a view to the short, medium and longer term."

Last season in the Championship, the Seagulls witnessed an increase in turnover of £4.5m and rise in administration and operational costs of £1.3m.

However, the club's overall profit before football costs and depreciation increased by £3.2m to £15.6m.

In a statement, Bloom added: "We made our most significant step in terms of progressing the club during the 2016/17 season.

"There was never a guarantee we would make that final step, but now having made it, we will be doing all we can to stay in the Premier League this season - with a longer term aim of establishing ourselves at the top level."


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You have to presume that not getting promotion would have firmly put them in financial ruin then. It looks as though they threw everything at it and their number came up.

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It's all well and good but it could so easily have gone tits up.

Clubs in the Championship adhering to FFP and then clubs like Brighton do whatever they want, shouldn't be demoted if this is how they do it.

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Loss is misleading and complies with FFP, because building of the stadium shows as a deficit of £5 million annually and it looks like a big part of the loss is capital costs building the training ground. Extra £7.7 million was covered by the sale of Ulloa the year before.


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