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Happy Holiday

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Did this some years ago on TFF and not seen it since - so to all our friends on the BL threads can I send best wishes for the holiday - for Christmas if you are a celebrant - and for 2018 - if we all make it, let's hope it's a very happy and good one.  There are some who will read our posts and thinks it's impossible to see how we can remain friends, but our love of the game and the BL is bigger than even our strange and very serious fanatical love for our teams.  I suppose this is an example of one of the greatest love/hate relationships that exists and long may it continue'

Warmest wishes and luv to all:14_relaxed:

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Belated Merry Christmas lads and lass, hope you all had a great break. I dont know about you guys but i gorged food for my 3 days off and enjoyed most of it. I did discover one useful tidbit; The only time to put down the beer (hear me out) albeit briefly was to swap it for a Spanish coffee.. oh my :D

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