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NCAAM Basketball 2017/18 Thread

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Alabama with a huge win last night over Auburn. This season is turning out to be a good with as all teams have now suffered a loss, and there doesn't seem to be 1` team that is greatly ahead of the rest.

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1 minute ago, Teso dos Bichos said:

RTR! John Petty had a hell of a game. Best part besides winning is that they snapped AU 14-game winning streak.

Even though the sooners lost to the wildcats, trae young is still my favorite player to watch.

Big win last night for sure, especially since Collin Sexton had to sit out with an Ab injury.

We got both Mississippi schools coming up, and we definitely need to win them both.

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57 minutes ago, Teso dos Bichos said:

Johnson is doing a great job. The ncaa needs to make players attend college at least two or three years. Quality freshman leaving every year for the nba doesnt allow a coach to have a long time plan for the team.

Luckily, I don't see Sexton or Petty going pro next year. They both need a lot of work before going to the NBA.

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11 minutes ago, Teso dos Bichos said:

Sexton will go pro bro, last mock draft I saw had him going eight to the cavs (via Nets). Hopefully he stays but I have very little hope.

Wow - I just looked and he's projected #7 overall. Unreal.

I don't get it. He's great and all, but he turns it over too much, doesn't involve his teammates enough, and can't finish a fast break.

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What was happened to the Indiana Basketball program? They have fully become the definition of shit.

Are you surprised more of the Adidas scandal hasn't been mentioned recently? I'm surprised Auburn hasn't gotten into more trouble than just a firing of a Head Coach.

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Another big win last night for Bama. Killed Mississippi State last night, and had to hold on for the win. Whatever the case, just glad we were able to win another one without Sexton playing.

Ole Miss next.

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