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Not surprised. Loss against Bristol City at the weekend was probably his 'ultimatum' game i.e. win or you get sacked. The loss against Blackburn a few weeks ago probably didn't help his cause that much either.

Apart from Rotherham, they don't play anyone else in the bottom half for the rest of the season.

The only thing I sympathise with Joyce for is that he's only been in charge for 4 months. Depending on his expectations or what they set out to do, that's a very short time in a very tough league to have any kind of success. They're not a million miles off survival despite their form but perhaps there were other circumstances or discussions with the board that didn't go too well...

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An incredibly snakey move by Cook that. Wigan met the compensation fee for Cook and offered him superior terms with the promise of a sounder backing financially. Portsmouth will never put the club in a dodgy position financially again after everything that's happened and rightly so.

Disappointing given they have finally just come back up a league, as Champions as well.

That said, I think they have a big enough pull to get someone decent in. Somebody has got to fancy that job. The club has a bigger pull in that division than many others. They will pack out Fratton Park next season and as we've seen time and again, there's every chance they could do back to back promotions with the momentum they carry into this year.

Hope they do tbh because it's about time they start enjoying better news.

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To be fair to Cook, he is coming up a lot closer to home but even with that it's not a move that I would have made. He was at a big club on the up, they'll probably find a better replacement though.

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Cook was starting to lose sections of support in February/March time and then Portsmouth put together a good run of form to get promoted, so he's done well lately. 

Portsmouth fans have sold up to an American so it's going to be interesting to see what happens there. I'd not be too sure whether I'd welcome my club going from fan owned back to independently owned after the problems that Portsmouth have had in the past. 

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