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Celtic and Rangers ‘B Teams’ to join Scottish League Two next season

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I believe Spanish 'B' teams compete in lower leagues in Spain so perhaps some of the Spanish contingent can explain the advantages and/or disadvantages of how it works over there and if it may work here. At least their youngsters would be able to have some more competitive football as opposed to just reserve team football against other reserve sides. 

The caveat being that they can never get promoted to the league their senior teams are in for obvious reasons.

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There’s the article. 

I imagine that the standard of the reserve league for Celtic and Rangers is pretty poor and just like England, not very competitive, whereas the bottom division of Scottish Football will offer competitive football at a level where they will have to adapt quite a lot. 


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Generally the gap from one division to the next isn't so big here so it probably will be better for the young players. They do it in Spain and Germany so that's good enough for me.

Celtic and Rangers have been alright with young players - Tierney and MacGregor are regulars in the first team and capped, and McCrorie at Rangers looks like he could be a Scotland CB in time. But more young players making the step up to the top level is always better. 


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2 hours ago, Cannabis said:

Scottish football is absolute AIDS so this won't change much. If it wasn't for the romance factor it would have been implimented in England by now.

Please don't pretend you know anything about Scottish football, you'll only embarrass yourself.

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