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Glenn Murray Arrested for Tax Evasion

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2 hours ago, Kitchen Sales said:

Because it shows he's on a wage higher than he should be? :ph34r:


18 minutes ago, The Artful Dodger said:

Goal evasion more like...



Seven goals this season at the age of 34 in one of the worst teams in the league. The Man is a Footballing God.

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1 hour ago, The Palace Fan said:

The way he flicked the ball on to Gayle with his chest for the third goal that ended Liverpool's title race was Barcelona-esque. If Lionel Messi had done that YouTube would have collapsed. 

Thanks for reminding me how much I hate being alive.

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11 minutes ago, The Artful Dodger said:

It was more about the pun tbh.

Strange that it pleases you that a striker of such a bitter rival scores...

His 30+ goals to end that eight year stint in The Championship means more than me than the rivalry to be honest. It's not what it's made to be any more anyway. In 2011 Brighton could not wait at the thought of finishing above us. In 2018 they couldn't be bothered to buy tickets to watch the two sides play in The FA Cup.

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