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Darron Gibson Arrested - Leaves Sunderland by Mutual Consent

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If I remember correctly, he also slated the club and certain personnel whilst off his head.

And now this earlier today. Apparently was 4 times over the limit and hit a load of cars whilst severely damaging his own. Dare I say he has an alcohol problem and while he will surely get the punishment he deserved, you'd hope he gets the help he deserves for his alcohol problems and maybe should stay away from football for a bit?





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6 minutes ago, Cannabis said:

Because he can hit a cracking 60 yard pass and that's what Sunderland need.

Drink driving isn't really funny to the parents of the kids Luke McCormack killed though, is It? 

To be over the limit four times for a breath test you have to blow 140. That is quite frankly fucking staggering. That's so drunk you can barely put on a coat. Let alone have the cheek to drive a vehicle at any speed. For this to happen in broad daylight too, presumably hours after he stooped drink, is an indicator of the session he had.

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To be honest when you're four times over the limit you're not exactly in the right frame of mind to make good decisions.  
The bastard needs help, or punishment. I couldn't tell you what the right idea is as long as he doesn't do it again. 

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12 hours ago, Cannabis said:

He's left Sunderland by mutual consent.

Without knowing thd full facts, my first impression is thsr surely this is not going to do his mental wellbeing any good. Given Chris Coleman's previous, you'd like to this was a last resort. 

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After the farce with Adam Johnson, which led to board members having to resign for keeping a nonce on the books, I can see why with just 7 games left before his contract expires and a possible jail sentence coming up they've just got rid.

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