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Tuesday 27th March - Spain 6-1 Argentina

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Unfortunately it's looking more and more likely Messi will be sitting this one out due to feeling a twinge in his hamstring these past couple of days. He really wants to play it and in Spain they want him to play but the risks are too big it seems. :(

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The difference between the two sides is the midfield and how they both set out to play. Argentina are speculative waiting for an error or the theft of the ball with two to three subsequent passes to cause a threat.

Spain on the other hand are playing to create and pull the Argentinian defence out of position with quick passing (rather erroneous today mind you) and one on ones with both Iniesta and Isco.

The difference is immense between the two sides although in saying that Argentina are still in the game which is what counts and would do in the tournament. 

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