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Xabi Alonso Faces Jail Sentence

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Spanish prosecutors are seeking a five-year jail sentence and a fine of €4million (£3.5m) for former Liverpool midfielder Xabi Alonso over accusations of tax fraud.

Alonso is accused of not disclosing the full amount he was paid in image rights during his time at Real Madrid.

Prosecutors say he defrauded the Spanish state of £1.75m between 2010 and 2012 and called for the same sentence to be applied to Alonso's financial advisor Ivan Zaldua Azcuenaga and the administrator of consultancy shell company, Ignasi Maestre Casanova.

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9 minutes ago, Spike said:

@SirBalon @Kowabunga

A question for the more initiated into Spanish law. Is this just another situation of an athlete taking bad financial advice from accountants? or is it more along the lines of the Spanish government prowling for victims to squeeze more tax out of?

we can all guess that it's the latter  :P

if the  spanish authorities is indeed sincere with their tax evasion law, then they would have placed heavy punishments.   They threaten those accused with a 5 year prison term but in the end the penalty can be paid thru cash.    ti's clear as day the corruption they're doing.

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