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Taxpayers to Pay £60,000 for Extra Security at London Stadium

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West Ham will implement "heightened" security measures for Saturday's Premier clash with Southampton at London Stadium in a bid to avoid the trouble which marred their last home match.

According to Sky sources, these additional security resources will cost the taxpayer in London £60,000.

The news of more security at the ground comes after supporters invaded the pitch on several occasions during a Premier League match against Burnley on March 10.

Almost 20 fans have been issued with lifetime bans following the shameful scenes during the 3-0 defeat by the Clarets and the club "expect additional bans to be confirmed imminently".

A large group of other fans congregated beneath the directors' box to protest against the club's board and objects were thrown, one of which hit co-owner David Sullivan.

The Hammers said in a statement that "a number of proactive steps" have been taken ahead of the weekend, which will include "a significantly enhanced number of police officers and security personnel".

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A lot of people live in the area (more so since it was redeveloped) and right next to the London Stadium we have the Stratford Westfield Shopping Centre full of families with children wandering around.  Plus it's East London with all of its street issues... It's only natural that these steps should be taken because if they weren't, the press and the public would join in a bandwagon to say nothing was planned for security measures.  Security like practically everything in life costs money.  Who's supposed to pay for it?

A club's jurisdiction should end at some point on these matters.

What I will say is that the idea (for practically every reason) of West Ham United hitching up tent at Stratford's Olympic Stadium was the most ridiculous decision I've ever seen and I bet a lot of political hands were greased for it to come to fruition.

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Not sure this is right. Any policing inside the ground has to be paid for by the club. The taxpayper doesn't pay.

If you don't pay for the policing then the police will only come in if you call 999 and declare an emergency. They won't come in and stand guard without payment, they're not our personal bouncers.


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