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Gender Pay Gap Studies

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I don't think that's been suggested by anyone other than you. All these reports highlight is that there is a lack of women in football and that needs to change, when you take the players and manager out the gap goes to 16% and and I think 34% for Newcastle and Saints. I'd imagine that's largely built up by the "football roles", i.e. coaches, scouts etc. Southampton also have a better setup than Newcastle so I'm not surprised they have a greater disparity.

I went to a women's AFL game in Australia and over 40000 people attended, free tickets and transport. That's a start to getting women into sport because you get into these roles after playing (whether amateur or professional).

Theres an appetite for women's football in the UK but clubs will not press the issue if they don't have to. That needs to change.

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11 hours ago, Cannabis said:

How did I know @Danny would be the first person to reply xD

An admin mugging off discussion on a forum....shock. Maybe we can set up a topic about a potential terror attack so you can get in first again with your "guess his name wasn't Dave" rubbish 🙃

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Women's sports... wew lad aren't we lucky that one of the biggest things we bitch about is as trivial as people getting paid for recreational hobbies.

All athletes can kiss me ass xD Do it for free like Messi

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