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Thought it might be a laugh to tell ongoing tales of our own games!

Played tonight, aching to fuck but won 26-20. To be fair, I think we took our foot off the gas as we were 10 up at one point. Scored a worldie as well! I made a big block on the edge of the area, ricochet and made another big tackle and the ball flew in the air. Managed to take it diown, knock it off the wall and then megged the keeper. Couldn't do it again if I tried xD

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I run our work's team on Thursday evenings for 6- or 7-a-side. We also take place in 11-a-side tournaments run by Bedfordshire FA, called the Workplace Cup.

I've done my fucking back in though last night. I've had problems with lower back pain and something must have twitched in my right side so I've been in agony since last night.

But on the plus side we had 6 players and other side had 7. Considering we play for an hour, and the scores are usually around 15 goals each ( xD ), we won 4-2. Very even game and I scored a lob from about 30 yards out :D. Also made a block on the line which winded me for about 15 minutes xD 

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I played for a while with some guy from work and his friends. On my first day I asked what our formation was going to be and they said 'no formation, everyone plays everywhere'. Is that normal in 5 a side? It didn't seem to work too well. The number of times I was the only one back when my team mates lost the ball upfield was ridiculous, I gave up after a while. We lost pretty much every week.

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We played in a tournament during the holiday season and came in second. I blame the festivities for making everyone slow but tbf the team that beat us had an average of 8 years younger than most of us haha. I like 5-a-side as the amount of interchanging really puts you through the gears. 


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