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Liverpool Biggest Spenders on Agents

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Liverpool were the biggest spenders on agents in the Premier League last year with £26.8m paid on fees.

Football Association data was released on Tuesday showing expenditure from 1 February 2017 to 31 January 2018 with top-flight clubs paying £211m to agents - an increase of £37m (21 per cent).

Liverpool have been active in the transfer market over the last year with the acquisition of forward Mohamed Salah from Roma and centre-half Virgil van Dijk from Southampton.

Chelsea paid a total of £25.1m, while Premier League leaders Manchester City spent £23.4m. Manchester United were fourth (£18m) and Watford fifth (£13.4m).

Everton are sixth in the list (£12m), followed by Arsenal (£10.56m), Leicester (£9.91m), West Ham (£8.39m) and Bournemouth (£7.73m).

Huddersfield were the lowest spenders in the top flight having paid just £2.47m to agents.

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13 minutes ago, Cannabis said:

For what you got though I wouldn't be too arsed mate, Keita is unknown but Salah and VvD have hit the ground running. Success is priceless:)

Yeah I'm not really too bothered. We got an incredible attacker in Salah, VvD is pretty much exactly what I was hoping for (and I wanted him in the summer... so that's cool that we got someone I wanted and he's not turned out poo). And I don't watch a lot (or any, really) of the Bundesliga... but I've seen clips of Keita (admittedly, they can make anyone look good) and he looks like a pretty fantastic player for our midfield. And his through balls look great. And his statistics have been excellent.

All expensive - but I don't particularly care if Keita pans out and we keep them all for a few seasons because they'll have improved us massively.

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