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Bundesliga 2017/18 - Matchday 30 - 13-1th April, 2018

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Friday 13th April, 2018
Wolfsburg vs Augsburg, 19.30

Saturday 14th April, 2018
Bayer Leverkusen vs Frankfurt
Hertha Berlin vs Koln
Hoffenheim vs Hamburg
Stuttgart vs Hannover
Bayern Munich vs Gladbach, 17.30

Sunday 15th April, 2018
Schalke vs Dortmund, 14.30
Werder Bremen vs RB Leipzig, 17.30

Monday 16th April, 2018
Mainz vs Freiburg, 19.30

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Saturday has 4th vs 5th again, like last week I think - Leverkusen vs Frankfurt. You'd think if Leverkusen win and Leipzig don't, that might be 4th place secured?

Hamburg have a very difficult task against Hoffenheim but strange things happen at this time of the season! What a win it would be for Hamburg if it did happen...

Stuttgart play Hannover and despite it being 9th vs 13th, Hannover could actually jump up to 9th and go above Stuttgart on goal difference if they win.

Sunday obviously has the big derby between 2nd and 3rd. Both are probably guaranteed a Champions League place so maybe it's bragging rights and pride up for grabs, still a huge game!

Monday's game could be key, too. Both sides will hope that points are dropped over the weekend so they can capitalise, but who will it be that takes full advantage - Mainz or Freiburg?

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A win for BVB this week will continue the decline from second place downwards and the way the idiot is picking the team I can see us losing the Championship place.  Our defence has been ok but now with one of the main men out for the season we have bought a replacement - and he will arrive in June - great timing!  Meanwhile with the second lowest goals against ( only Bayern are better) we have no one in the selected 11 who seems able to score goals and the other better players are being ignored.  The top 4 is still very much up for grabs!

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Keepers don't half have this bad habit of punching at the ball when a catch could be completed... Understand it when it's a corner coming into a crowd and you want to punch it out but in general keepers seem to want to just punch rather than catch and gain possession...  

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1 hour ago, Faithcore said:

xD I guess I'd prefer that supermarket scenario over watching that match. :ph34r:

Well it's over now... 0-0

Thought Wolfsburg probably deserved all 3 points on chances created but couldn't finish or get enough shots on target.. 

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Hertha         -         Köln (Sa.)         -:- (0:1)         
Koln death watch alert lowered to amber

Leverkusen         -         Frankfurt         -:- (1:1)         

Hoffenheim         -         Hamburg         -:- (2:0)         
HSV death watch alert raised to red

Stuttgart         -         Hannover         -:- (0:0)         
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Volland makes it 3-1, with his third of the day.  Commentators talking about Volland for the national team.  If so, I have to guess he replaces Sane, who has played himself off the team in recent weeks.  I am only half kidding, I am not sure if Sane is the type of player JLow likes?

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