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Tuesday 1st May - Real Madrid (4) 2-2 (3) Bayern Munich (SF 2nd Leg)

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Real Madrid easy win. I would have had faith if this was last year or 2 years ago, but the Bayern of this year don't inspire confidence by any means. 3-0 home win.

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Mission impossible for Bayern but I still hope they can turn it over in Madrid and get the away goals in their favor. Injuries ruined the first leg for them coupled with a lack of finishing in front of goal. 

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8 minutes ago, VanPaddy said:

I am in love since that goal against Juve. 

what about that time when he said he hated all Dutch people because they couldn't prevent Spain from winning the World Cup?

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Won't be watching this. Watching a Copa Peru game for some work instead. Got 5 on RM winning and another 5 on them winning BTTS.

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