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Rangers Directors Paul Murray and Barry Scott Resign

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Rangers chairman Dave King has made an offer for the remaining shares in the Scottish Premiership side following a court battle.

The Takeover Panel ruled in December he had worked with The Three Bears Group of Douglas Park, George Letham and George Taylor, to take control of Rangers in 2015.

King has been fighting the Takeover Panel over the prospect of a £10.8m offering but has now made a compulsory offer for the shares of all other shareholders at 20p each which will total almost £16.3m

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On 01/04/2018 at 14:41, Stan said:

he was penniless 6 months ago xD 


Might as well merge the topics. Rangers and their finances / who owns the club aren't going to be topics that disappear soon.

Unlike the entirety of social media in Scotland, I'm not going to pretend to be a financial expert who has a clue about the financing of a football club. But, frankly, when you have to lower yourself to have an official 'Vaping Partner', you know you might be desperate.

The club made a loss of £6.7 million for their 2016/17 season. And that was before they even decided to spend a hefty amount on players last summer. They need something to curb those losses and, as many clubs will find, there is no quick fix. Yes, they will be in Europe next season but they are miles away from making any money from it. The Europa League qualifiers are tough enough for Scottish clubs to progress through, but next season even fewer teams from the qualifiers will make it to the semi-lucrative Group Stages. And because they are competing in the qualifying rounds, they can't exactly fly off to America (or anywhere else) to try and make some money from playing friendlies. With "Financial Fair Play", it's not even as if they can rely on any 'sugar daddy'. 

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Rangers have announced that directors Paul Murray and Barry Scott have resigned.

The news follows the departure of manager Graeme Murty, who was sacked by the club in the wake of their 5-0 defeat to Old Firm rivals Celtic on Sunday.

Their resignations also come days after it was reported that chairman Dave King had breached takeover rules after failing to follow through with an order to make an offer for the remainder of the club's shares.

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