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Favourite Goals By Players You Dislike

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Sparked by conversation in the Ronaldo thread in Spanish section, what are goals that you have enjoyed by players that you despise or hate? And you can do nothing but put your hands up and applaud.


I can't stand Andy Carroll - think he's a moaning aggressive git but this goal was immense
Image result for andy carroll palace goal gif

Wayne Rooney - obviously very talented but don't like the way he acts on the pitch sometimes. Can't complain when he used to bang in goals like this though:
Image result for rooney man city gif


Cristiano Ronaldo vs Portsmouth - how he got the ball to move like this I do not know.

Image result for cristiano ronaldo volley goal gif

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I don't really dislike any player. For everything a player does to annoy me, they usually do something amazing that brings it back to neutrality. Even Jordi Alba being a fucking loathsome rat backs it up with his ability.



...Yeah, nah fuck Jordi Alba.


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