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Belgium 0-0 Portugal - Saturday 2nd June, 2018

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4 hours ago, Stan said:

was this an exciting 0-0 or a drab, boring one?

There were chances for both sides. I've seen 0-0 games a lot worst.

Belgium started well, dominating the possession. We then started to control the game and could have easily scored a couple of goals before half-time.

The beginning of the second-half was the same: Belgium starting better than us, but after a while the game was balanced. 

The most important was that it was a better performance than against Tunisia. We looked solid defensively and better going up front. It was also important for the players morale, after two shite games against Holland and Tunisia.

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Watched England v Nigeria (utter rubbish and England only have a chance if the captain plays - Sterling was his usual pathetic lying cheating self) Then after delay watched Mesut sulk around in Austria and a commentator praising Schopf and Burgstaller who were crap all season for 04 (obviously knew nothing about them) finally joined RTP with a free stream on Belgium/Portugal.  This was a 0-0 draw and the best of the three games.  Only the two Belgian forwards (Celtic and Man U) were out of their depth and Portugal were missing Ronaldo, but both teams will go well on this first/second trial game.  Germany will not make the mistake of fielding the same side and England haven't a cat in Hades chance on this performance.  Glenn Hoddle needs to be put out to pasture - great skills(?)super play (?)  what was he watching?:46_confounded:

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