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Wigan Warriors Suspend Joel Tomkins

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A video surfaced of Joel Tomkins (and his brother Sam) in a bar in Wigan where Joel went on a bit of a tirade to some bar staff and unnecessarily and weirdly targeted a 17-year old barmaid.


Joel Tomkins, also weirdly, said you work in a bar in the 'asshole of Wigan' yet he was the one drunk as fuck in the same bar insulting someone who was just earning a living :/



Following a video appearing on social media over the weekend, Joel Tomkins has been stepped down immediately from team selection for 4 weeks. During this period further investigation into the circumstances surrounding the incident will take place, as will discussions regarding Joel’s long-term future at the Club. He has been fined £10,000.

Sam Tomkins has been fined £5,000.

Executive Director Kris Radlinski commented:

“I was pretty disgusted at the video that I saw on Saturday evening. Our players know and fully understand the role that they have to play within the community and to see two of our high profile, senior players behave in such a way, disappointed me greatly.

“They aren’t just role models for the young kids in the town, they’re role models for the younger players in the squad. It is impossible to put a strong culture in place if players you trust to drive those standards act in such a way.

“All players are allowed periods of downtime but know that they must act responsibly and in a manner fitting of a professional sportsman.

“Having spoken to both Joel and Sam this morning they both expressed shame and regret about their behaviour and the effects it has had on all of the individuals concerned. Both of them are fully aware that they have disrespected the Club and the town - and let themselves and their families down.”

The Club will be making no further comment upon this matter until the full investigation has been completed.



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Complete non-story yet some want him hung, drawn and quartered whilst they wank off the massive headed Ant or Dec despite him actually putting lives in danger, including the child who was in the car he crashed into. 

Fine and suspension, nothing more. 

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57 minutes ago, DeadLinesman said:

Nice to see the general population and media always interested in promoting Rugby League Stories when it’s negative. No change there then.

Also representative of how the media and the general population view sportsmen and their misdemeanours in comparison to those by the “celebrities” of this time. 


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