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I rarely watch football, for the very reasons i am seeing during this world cup. 

I really do not understand why players that are so highly paid, cannot simply play the game to the high levels of professionalism that they are paid to do.  If they was to do this kind of stuff in an other job, they would be sacked & find it very hard to get another job. 

If you want to fight then join ufc or wwe or boxing. 

Prove to the world that you are worth the money by playing FOOTBALL. 

You are all privellaged. Look back on your history to see what the 1966 world cup teams had to do to make ends meet. 

Stop the crap & play the game. 

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If you rarely watch football why are you are on a football forum?  

Also welcome the forum I'm sure you'll be popular

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People cheat in other sports as well not just football. I think it has to be taken in context. If a player gets fouled in the box and doesnt go.down he won't get a penalty. Also if the other team are prepared to cheat then you kind of have to to even it out. I wish it didn't happen  but unfortunately it does

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The following sports have cheating and bad sportsmanship taking place in them, all of which are readily available as examples in the media.....



Rugby Union

Rugby League









Ice Hockey


And the rest. But please, do continue the holier than thou act when it comes to football.

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