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Adopt A Club! 2018/19 Season

football forum

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football forum

That's right ladies and gentleman, the World Cup is over in a few hours so we're going to be adopting clubs. Are you bored of seeing your club spunk £100,000,000 on the next big thing only to fight relegation a few months later? Are you tired of your club blaming concussion on hilarious blunders? Are you just wanting to find a new league to follow and need some inspiration?

If you've answered ''yes'' to any of the above then this is the thread for you. If not, sign up anyway because it's going to be a right laugh :friends:

Basically, you are allowed to pick which league you want to your new team to be from. We are running this for the top leagues in England, France, Germany, Italy and Spain. From there, you will be allocated a number 1-20 (or 18 in the Bundesliga) and whatever club corresponds to the number you pull (in an A-Z format) will be the team that you follow alongside the club you already love.

Follow their transfers, glory hunt when they win and pretend to be arsed when they lose. I wonder if we will have an adopted league champion? For the full effect of Adopt A Club we do ask that you change your avatar/signature/team support and buy a replica kit (including shin-pads) from Amazon. 

In? I should bloody hope so.

@Stan @nudge @Mel81x @Rick @Spike @The Palace Fan @Tommy @Viva la FCB @El Profesor @Berserker @Dr. Gonzo @SirBalon @Eco @londonerlilie @The Rebel CRS @DeadLinesman @Smiley Culture @The Artful Dodger @Bluewolf @Danny @Harvsky @bozziovai @Machado @True Blue @Storts @Lucas @Devon Von Devon @Toinho @RandoEFC @Bluebird Hewitt @Inverted @6666

^You all competed in Adopt A Country - would you like to take part in the club version? Reply with your league in the response :D!


@Harvsky - Borussia Mönchengladbach

@Inverted - VfB Stuttgart

@The Artful Dodger - Bayer Leverkusen (and Tranmere Rovers)

@RandoEFC - Mainz 05

@Dickie - FC Augsburg 

@Chaaay AFC - 1899 Hoffenheim

@londonerlilie - Borussia Dortmund

Ligue 1:  

@The Palace Fan - Stade Rennais 

@Toinho - Amiens Sporting Club

@Stan - OGC Nice 

@Dan - Nantes (what are the fucking chances xD)

Premier League:  

@Devon Von Devon - Tottenham Hotspur

@Tommy - Brighton & Hove Albion

@Eco - AFC Bournemouth

@bozziovai - Leicester City

Serie A: 

@nudge - Fiorentina

@DeadLinesman - Parma 

@Cannabis - AS Roma

@Bluebird Hewitt - Genoa

@Danny - AC Milan

@Mel81x - Torino

@Teso dos Bichos - Napoli

@DNA - Sampdoria

La Liga:

@Spike - Athletic Bilbao

@Storts - Levante

@Smiley Culture - Villareal 

@Rick - Real Sociedad

@robosys - Real Betis 

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Just now, Stan said:

Bournemouth aren't bad. Middle of the road for the Premier League I'd say. 

We shall see. I know nothing about the city, area, or history (if there is any), but it does seem like a team that could be fighting relegation each year. 

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