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David Button Joins Brighton

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The ex-Tottenham academy Goalkeeper has done well for himself @Storts. I think signed him on every Crystal Palace FM save I did from 2009 until 2011 because he always a consistent back up.

I'm not sure what @Danny thinks of him given he left Brentford for Fulham but I find it a little sad that somebody who was progressing up has decided to settle for being a backup Goalkeeper at 29. He surely must be aware that Matt Ryan is not going to be moved on. I know he lost his place at Fulham but he was more than capable of going somewhere like Queens Park Rangers to complete his tour of London and being a real positive influence.

The interesting part of this deal is that it now creates an interesting saga at Fulham. They'll be in the hunt for a new Goalkeeper. Do they go out there and try and find a better Goalkeeper than Bettenelli or do they find somebody like Button who would provide competition? Daniel Bentley would possibly go for a reasonable price given Brentford's transfer policy.

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Good keeper, I liked him with us. Definitely capable of playing in the Championship, not seen him at Fulham so don't know how he's progressed but I'd of been happy with him in goal had we of gone up.

We did push him out for Bentley, would be ironic if Fulham done the same. Bentley's decently contracted so if he does go we'll get some money for him.

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