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Yanic Wildschut joins Bolton Wanderers on loan

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Right, I can't work this out. How has a player, who tore up the championship with Wigan a couple of seasons ago, who was sold for £7m to Norwich... ended up at penniless Bolton? 

I remember him being lethal on the left for Wigan, and their fans are going ballistic that he's joined us. This is almost so exciting - a player with pace, a left peg, and who can beat a man.

However, I'm concerned by what seems like a bit of a fall from grace.

@Marc, what had he done so wrong with you to result in being booted out to Cardiff after half a season? @Bluebird Hewitt, how did he work in your direct system? Is he really just a one season wonder?


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He looked pretty good at times with us, but did not perform as well as I hoped (even if most were from the bench) and a big fuck up against Derby (I think) effectively ruled himself out from playing for us anymore.

I remember @Marc mentioning that Farke didn't seem to rate him highly, but think he could do well for you if given game time.

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He was just poor for us. Farke seems to like technically good players, especially wingers and he's far from that.

He's a really weird player, he can beat multiple men with his crazy dribbles but then just keeps running or falls over. No end product. Even in his apparent really good spell at Wigan he only scored 4 or 5 goals.

Last pre-season I went to Lowestoft v Norwich and was watching the players warming up in an obviously very small stadium. Me and a mate didn't recognise him at first and we honestly thought it was a fan that had won a competition or something. He was trying to juggle the ball etc and just looked like he had zero co-ordination. 


After saying all that, without wanting to sound too patronising, I think he's an alright signing for Bolton in your current plight.

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A definite confidence player. Got the ability, pace and power and can pull defences all over the place but often over does it and messes up his final ball. Think he scored about 7 in 13 in The Championship directly before being sold, was moved up front and flourished playing off centre halfs shoulders and doing them for pace. 

He got absolutely terrorised when he returned to his a couple of weeks later and just fell apart during the game, genuinely thought he was going to cry and he had to be taken off quite early. Get on his back and he will fold, get him full of confidence and he's a great signing. If he had consistent end product he'd be a Premier League player and probably would have been had he stayed with us until the Summer 18 months ago.

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