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[Poll] Last Man Standing League - Future Rounds

Which leagues should we have a competition for in the future - CHOOSE ALL LEAGUES THAT YOU WOULD BE HAPPY WITH.  

11 members have voted

  1. 1. Which leagues should we have a competition for in the future - CHOOSE ALL LEAGUES THAT YOU WOULD BE HAPPY WITH.

    • Bundesliga (Germany)
    • Serie A (Italy)
    • EFL Championship (England - second tier)
    • Eredivisie (Holland)
    • La Liga (Spain)
    • Liga NOS (Portugal)
    • Ligue 1 (France)
    • Major League Soccer (USA)
    • Scottish Premier League (Scotland)
    • Super Lig (Turkey)

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Thanks to @Stan and the admin team for sorting out this sub-forum.

Now in the Last Man Standing League, we are starting off with the English Premier League, but once everyone ultimately falls out of that competition, we will need to move to pastures new.

I have no idea whether we'll fit in four individual LMS competitions to make up the league or more like six, seven, eight, so what I'm doing here is running a poll for which league we should use next. When we are done with the Premier League we will move onto whichever one has the most votes and begin to work our way through this list from the most popular league downwards.

With that in mind, please vote for ALL leagues that you think we should use at some point. If you want me to add a league that's not on the list so that you can add a vote for that one, please let me know in the thread before you vote, as I'm not sure the forum will let you add that one in after you've voted.

Hopefully that is clear, any questions ask away.

EDIT: There is absolutely no rush with this by the way, we don't have to make a decision until the Premier League round is over, which isn't likely to be until at least October.

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I know i'm the only one interested in international football in these things.

But i would like an international football season one too. 

It should include Nations league, friendlies, Asian cup, Afcon + qualification and the season ends with the Copa America.

As their are two match days during international break there should be rule you cant pick the teams from same confederation in both match days. 


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7 minutes ago, RandoEFC said:

Last call for anyone else who wants a say in which league we go to next best hurry up. We've only had ten voters, and if you're not arsed then fair enough, but if you want to have a vote, the end of the Premier League round looks imminent!

let's go Germany :D 

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