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SPFL End International Rights Deal

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Frankly everything about the old deal summed up why Neil Doncaster should be out of a job.

Frankly incompetent and negligent in their handling of almost every commercial deal they are involved in.

The fact that most fans abroad have to rely on individual club setups to watch any matches is absurd. Even then, for some clubs it is still down to selected matches.

With many more avenues to explore, there is certainty of how many ways they can manage to mess this up again.

This should be a first run at it before the domestic rights are up in 2020. They cannot afford to do this wrong again. 

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MP & Silva, who held the previous deal, were using this to 'sell' the league to people.

Let's not even start on the names on there that it would be hard pressed to call 'stars'. 

But the 'Star Player' Jo Inge Berget, who had only previously played in Scotland for Celtic between July 2014 and January 2015. At best sparingly.

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