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Mohamed Salah Disgracefully Driving Without Due Care & Attention

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No decent games on tonight but gone on Twitter and this, or rather the fume following it, appears to be everyone's entertainment for tonight:

xD some people. 

Don't know if this is a genuine account or not but:

Meanwhile after one Liverpool fan reckoned it was Everton fans who grassed him up here...

... one of our fans in particular sees the funny side.

Fucking Twitter xD.

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I feel like the twats banging on his car and harassing him are more in the wrong then him. Also why is a grown man acting like a child for autographs? Is he filming because he needs video of the signature before he pops it up on eBay?

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Liverpool have acted in the correct manner. They have covered their ass before it gets out of hand.

Once upon a time overseas players would comment how nice it was to play in England as the fans respected them in public, unlike, say the fans in Italy ect.

Id say that opinion has now gone out the window  :ay:

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