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Stan's Prediction League - Week 3 Table

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that phrase 'you get wiser with age' must be true if this week is anything to go by - @Bluewolf showing us all how it's done by top-scoring with 19 points and rising to the top of the table, joint with @Foxc1 who also got 19 points. The latter deserves extra credit for being the only one to predict the 1-1 draw between Wolves and Man City.

@JONO lifted himself off the top of the league with a solid score of 18 points. @Lucas also got the same.

Newcastle 1-2 Chelsea was a very popular pick amongst all members. That was just one of the many perfect scores selected as well as what looks like one of the highest scoring weeks we may have ever had. Keep it up!

18-19 3.PNG

* @Batard lies in 7th, scoring 16 points.

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On 27/08/2018 at 22:53, Bluewolf said:

As if Deadlinesman did not have a bad enough night as it was.... 

I am never one for kicking a man when he is down... I might however accidentally tread on him as I am walking away.. 

Image result for congratulation dance gifs

I’ll be coming up behind you again soon my friend. Just how you like it.

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