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Manchester United Players Out of Contract Next Summer...

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Maybe they need to ship some of those players, though.

Young, Valencia, Darmian, Jones, Smalling all not good or consistent enough any more (maybe not Young but he's not getting any younger).

I'd love Mata to leave anyway - he's far too good for the current Man Utd side. Been wasted these last 2-3 years as bit-part player yet when he's got minutes on the pitch he's almost always performed. 

Shaw, Martial & Pereira probably have futures at Utd and you'd think their contracts would be sorted. But just because nothing's been said much in the media doesn't mean nothing is going on behind the scenes with the club trying to sort out these contracts...?

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There's a one year option on a few of the players (De Gea & Martial I think) but next season will be interesting especially if Mourinho is somehow still there. If a new manager comes in then maybe they can get those 2 to extend past next season.

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Sometimes it's a necessity to let players contracts run down especially if their wages are off the scale in relation to their worth on the transfer market.  You can't sell them because they won't leave for obvious and just reasons (justified in the sense of financial benefit although ignoring their football careers).  This way when the player is out of contract and is practically forced to leave and accept the best that's on offer out there, the presently owning club can cleanse their payroll and restructure properly... Something Arsenal need to do but unfortunately there's one or two players that seem to have either gone under the radar or have just simply refused to sign a new deal unless they are paid accordingly and in relation to whoever is paid the highest at the club.

This is for the finance department at a club in conjunction with the technical team and head coach to asses what the future plans are and what's required instead of what's already there in an unbalanced manner.

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1 minute ago, Cicero said:

Idk i was half serious. Just to have him back would be incredible.

Rotate with Kante maybe? Save Kante for the big games and Mata against teams that sit back. 

Mata couldn't cover that much ground if he had a twin and they played together.

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