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USA 1-1 Perú - Tuesday 16th October 2018

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We should win, and I'll be a bit disappointed if we don't. The USA have so many clear weaknesses because they are a team trying to rebuild at the moment. We are also better by a long shot, so away game or not we should be beating these.

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6 minutes ago, Teso dos Bichos said:



Hard to make a prediction, not making it to the WC was embarrassing for the spazzos but at least when they make it, they have WON games and advanced from the group, not like other teams :ay:overrating a team that was atrocious in group stage and shit talking a team that made it to the final, unbelievable 

Atrocious in the groups xD

Whatever floats your boat bud.

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USA in 2014: 1 win, 1 draw, 2 losses (technically 2 draws if you count the regulation draw vs Belgium)

USA in 2010: 1 win, 2 draws, 1 loss (again, 3 draws if you count regulation draw vs Ghana)

USA in 2006: 0 wins, 2 draws, 1 loss. Out in the groups

Peru in 2018: 1 win, 2 losses. Neutral goal difference.

I don't get where you get this idea that they've won more games than us average in the world cup, because they really haven't. We also had a statiscally better world cup than Germany. If you want atrocious, look no further than them and it really only counts because they are Germany. Atrocious is Panama or Egypt.

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Just now, Teso dos Bichos said:

I say atrocious based on the fact that experts of the team(trustworthy sources) had this team reaching the QFs. 


No, you are just backtracking now.

We weren't atrocious no matter what way you look at it. We all thought we could make the quarter finals because we were good enough to do so. However, no one was absolutely confident of it. That's something you've manipulated into your own mind. 

A failure would have been losing all 3 games, which we didn't. We underperformed but were also plagued by a lack of experience and lots of nervous players. Yet we still tried our best and shot ourselves in the foot against Denmark. 

So you're just talking shite as per usual. We could have gone further and didn't, but it's retarted to say we were atrocious based off that.

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 New lineup today.



Advincula - Ramos - Callens - Trauco

Tapia - Peña

Polo - Hurtado - Flores



much weaker lineup but I still think we will win. 


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Lineup confirmed. Its the above but with Loyola instead of Miguel Trauco and Carvallo instead of Gallese.

Loyola's final chance with us. If he has another bad game, he's not getting called up anymore.

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Very experimental game for Peru, which has it clear which players stay and go for the Copa America.

Unfortunately, friendly or not you cannot draw with a U23 USA team. That is embarrassing. There is a few things I liked about this international break, but more bad then good and that is the lack of depth.

Goalkeeper: I would add Rivadaneyra for the next round of friendlies, but for now I think the other 2 are good.

LB: Loyola never again. He's terrible and has no place in the national team. Its time to experiment other options and see which ones stick.

CB: We are fine here. Callens had a terrible game but I'll give him time as he was probably anxious to impress Gareca.

RB: After Advincula, there isn't many options. I wouldn't call Corzo back. He's not been very good for La U this year. Madrid isn't a great player but he's young and at his best level he is decent. I have to see a few more games before making a judgement. Today he was OK.

CM (defensive): Tapia, Aquino and Cartagena. The former 2 at an equal level, the latter is not far behind these 2. I think here we're alright.

LCM: The biggest missing backup. Yotun is great, but Peña proved today he's really not good at all. Time to try new options.

RW: Polo matched expectations today. I still question his consistency, but at his best level he is very good, like today. 

AM: Tough one to analyze. I rate Hurtado but I'm not sure he's great as a 10 rather than on the right wing. I would wait before talking about this one.

LW: We saw Flores today, so I can't speak for the backup options. However, Edison Flores is finally back at his best level. He's had a bad year but when he's on form, he's absolutely key to this team.

ST: I'm gonna cut Ruidiaz some slack. Sure he's not scoring a lot here, but I think he's offering something to the team. Not as much as Guerrero, but the point is he's not awful.

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4 minutes ago, Stan said:

Finished 1-1. USA should have won. 

Probably. No excuses from me, it was a much needed result though as our second string prove to be sub-par. I think we need to experiment a lot next month if we want to make another qualification run.

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4 hours ago, Teso dos Bichos said:

Ruidíaz was the worst player of the match.

No, not even close. He was poor but there was worse. Nilson Loyola, Sergio Peña and Alexander Callens were terrible.

This is not an attempt to aimlessly defend one of my favourite players. We can't keep using the "he doesn't get service excuse" much longer. However, last night we absolutely can. Without Cueva and Yotun, he was absolutely isolated and even tried his best to hold it up at times. I have faulted him before but I can't fault him last night.

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